Broccoli, cherry tomato, hazelnut & feta salad

Broccoli, cherry tomato, feta & hazelnut salad
From ‘Avoca Salads’

This is a great combination of sweet, salt and the crunchiness of the broccoli and nuts. Lovely as a side dish with green salad and fresh boiled potatoes.

110g hazelnuts
400g broccoli florets – bite sized
110g feta cheese, bite sized chunks
225g cherry tomatoes, halved
200ml French dressing

Toast the hazelnuts in a hot oven, until skins brown. Tip into a tea towel and rub off the skins. Allow to cool, then  put the hazelnuts in a bowl with the broccoli and cherry tomatoes. Gently toss with the dressing and season with pepper. Salt may not be needed, as the feta is usually salty enough. Top with the feta.


  1. Daniel Milner says:

    Hello Thank you very much for your help on the broccoli recipe but do you slightly cook the broccoli ? If yes ,how

    Your Thankfully
    Daniel Milner

  2. Hi Daniel - I use the broccoli raw and crunchy, but cut into bite sized florets. If you wanted you could very lightly blanch the broccoli to take the hard edge off, but only very briefly (1 min max I would say) and plunge into very cold water after to cool down and stop cooking. Personally I would prefer the raw crunch. Enjoy!

  3. Daniel Milner says:

    Thanks a million Elaine ☺

  4. Hi What is the French dressing made up of?

  5. I’m always on the lookout for non boring salads and this was amazing! My husband loved it too. So tasty! Thanks for the inspiration. Bookmarking for definite!

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