This little piggie…

Well, this is the pig who made us work – hard!

On the day we collected them we decided to keep them indoors for a few days to get settled. As we had used the shed for this job before we thought we had a good system for them and didn’t fuss too much once they had their water, food & bedding….

It was as we were putting our youngest boys to bed that Fionn (one of them) looked out the window to say that ‘there are the piggies in the garden…’ – uh oh… It turned out that the black & white pig had dug her way out under the shed door (earth floor) and led the others out into the garden and around the field. Now that wouldn’t be too bad when they got to know us and would follow the bucket of food pretty much anywhere. But as it was their first night and they had no attachment to any of us it was pretty much a case of pick your pig and pick your moment to grab.

Well – all in all it took about three hours that night (9pm to midnight) to round them up. Pigs are pretty nifty movers, cleverer than they are usually given credit for and have a natural aversion to being picked up – so once it got dark we had a job on our hands to get them in. They also have a great talent for playing statues in long grass… who knew that?

But with time, patience and the help of Cathal and Oisin we eventually succeeded. Lesson number one – check your exit is escapeproof!

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