The year ahead…

potatoesIt is with excitement that we start 2009, as we have great hopes for our garden and smallholding. We have a new tunnel that we have sowed potatoes in (only today!). Over the autumn we planted a large number of fruit bushes and trees; blackcurrant, raspberry, pear, apple, rhubarb, asparagus. Each day that passes we see more of the spring bulbs peeping through, and bringing the promise of Spring closer.

In February we will have our henhouse ready for it’s new occupants, and hope to settle the ducks into the tunnel to keep them warm through early spring. All going well, we are looking forward to getting 2 pigs by midsummer, mostly for their manure (which is rocket fuel by all accounts!), but also, I must admit, because we do like bacon… don’t want to think that far ahead yet though. Along with all the sowing, hoeing and growing – it will be a busy year, and not without it’s hiccups I’m sure, but we are all looking forward to it!

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