Spring fever…

newseasonWell, there has been little time to sit and write about what we are doing over the last couple of weeks… too much to do!

Spring is finally here, and everything is taking off at the same time. It’s great to see the growth back in the tunnel.

We have now sown, potatoes (still waiting for them to peep through), early carrots, broad beans, sugar peas and radishes – all directly into the new tunnel. The tunnel gives a great headstart on the growing season, particularly when combined with fleece for crop protection. On the hotbench we have sown an array of herbs, salads, spinach, leeks, celery, artichokes and, the true vote of confidence that summer is coming – our tomatoes and chillis are sown and on their way (I hope!).

There are about 30 packets of seed sitting in the kitchen waiting to be sown this week… amongst them all the brassicas (eg calabrese, cabbage), onion and garlic sets, and successional sowings of all the salads, orientals and herbs already started. There is a rhythm to sowing that we have to establish – mostly it works on the principle of a little and often… so we will be sowing lettuce, scallions etc. every week to have a constant supply. This is the best way to avoid having a glut of produce at times and none at others. It does take a bit of getting used to though – and I do get tempted to sow everything in one go – to get the job done!

It is so nice to sow seeds at this time of year – it’s the first step into Summer.

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