Sowing has started

We waited (quite impatiently) until the days stretched enough to allow us to start our Spring sowing – and the time has arrived to get growing in earnest.

With hot beds in the polytunnel and fleece to protect seedlings it is possible to sow a range of early crops for the Spring market. We have germinated seedlings for a range of lettuce (7 types so far), spinach, chard, a selection of herbs for pot growing and some wild rocket.

It is early days and close care must be taken to protect from frost, but it is an exciting moment to see the first tiny plants pushing through to start the season. It also feels like a small defiance of the weather to be able to start salad plants during freezing weather! It proves Spring is in the air, even if it doesn’t always feel like it. From now on there will be weekly sowing, both on the hot beds (in trays) and into the ground in the tunnel…

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