Christmas order list 2011

Would you like fresh, naturally grown
veg & produce this Christmas?

Orders available for collection
on Friday 23rd December 2011 – from 12pm

Order form
(return to Elaine by 15th Dec)

Potato –
1.20/kg for 5+ kg
Unwashed carrots 2.00/kg
Unwashed parsnips 4.00/kg
Onion 3.00/kg
Leek 4.50/kg
Brussel sprouts 5.00/kg
Broccoli 4.50/kg *Spain
Cauliflower 2.30
Celery 2.00
Red cabbage 2.00/half
Herbs – sage, thyme, parsley, rosemary 3c/g
Beetroot 3.00/kg
Garlic .80 ea
Lemon .60 ea *Spain
Apples – elstar 3.50/kg *Holland
Streaky rashers 3.50 *from our pigs
Pork sausage
(85% Shoulder pork) 4.00 * from our pigs
Wholemeal soda bread 2.00 ea *from our kitchen
Irish Whiskey Mince pies 1.25 ea *from our kitchen
beetroot,apple & caraway chutney 3.00/jar*from our kitchen
spiced courgette & tomato chutney 3.00/jar*from our kitchen
blackcurrant jam 3.00/jar*from our kitchen
blackcurrant, orange & brandy preserve 3.50/jar * our kitchen
Orange & ginger marmalade 3.00/jar *from our kitchen
Whiskey orange marmalade 3.50/jar *from our kitchen
Tipperary apple jelly 3.00/jar
Tipperary strawberry jam 3.00/jar
Tipperary apple juice 3.00/bottle
Tipperary cider vinegar 2.50/bottle

We Would Love To Here From You!