Hardwood cutting boards – natural edged

John has been developing a range of natural edged cutting boards from hardwoods such as apple, pear, elm, spalted beech. They come in a range of sizes from cheese boards to large kitchen boards of approx 60 x 40cm.

The style and finish are natural and aim to retain the character and features of the wood. Most are approx 20 – 30mm thick and are very practical for use in the kitchen. Contact John on 087 2273299 for enquiries.

Working the lathe

Working the lathe

Any old wood?

woodcraftsJohn is always on the lookout for timber to top up his woodturning store – eg ash, yew, beech, oak.

If you’re cutting or clearing¬† timber and have some to spare (branches that need cutting back for example) or trees that need topping/thinning he would be delighted to take some to dry and use for turning.

It’s a joy to see old offcut branches shaping up into candleholders, pens, salt cellars (really!) or even knife handles.

Contact John through the contact form or phone 087 2273299

Working with wood

John took up woodturning as a hobby over 15 years ago. Over the past decade time has been limited to spend on hobbies (two sets of twins and full time work as a carpenter…), so it is great to now have the opportunity to work on some of the timber that has been collected and well seasoned for turning.

Each timber has it’s own colour and character and every piece is individual – ash, beech, apple and yew are some of the woods used in his work. He is also producing a range of functional kitchen timberware – hardwood chopping boards from beech, pear and elm have been very popular at UL Farmer’s Market and he is working on other kitchen accessories for the coming season.

John will be demonstrating finishing work on his mini lathe at one of the markets at UL during the Spring. We will post info on the date when we have it.