Our new polytunnel arrives

In November 08 our new tunnel arrived.  This gives us great growing space to increase our indoor crops, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and corn, aswell as year round salads and herbs. It is now erected and ready to sow. We are hoping to get potatoes into the ground by mid January which will be ready by early Summer…

Preparing the ground

Oct 08: We were very lucky to have the help of  Jim Cronin and his two beautiful Percheron workhorses, Qualite and Quaroba  in preparing the new outdoor area for the winter.  Having ploughed the area, we sowed green manure and then the horses, with Jim harrowed the beds, ready for Winter. The green manure (rye grass and vetch) helps to improve the soil quality and will be dug back into the beds in Spring when we are ready to sow crops.